Living with mental illness? Where can you get support?

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Living with mental illness? Where can you get support?

So for patients living with mental illness, it’s often difficult to get support from many different areas in your life. I certainly would encourage reaching out to friends and family, your healthcare team. Many pharmacies have mental health illness initiatives or made programs for patients to help maneuver through the difficult time that they’re having - support certainly not only for the patient, but also for the family, because oftentimes family members need additional support in order to help the individual that is ill at that time. There’s lots of digital resources as well, so pharmacists are a really great source to be able to maneuver that for you, and help you know what’s in the community. And of course, we have our general practitioners or physicians, and psychologists/psychiatrists, and also counsellors and professionals that can also help. It’s very much a team-orientated approach, and I would really suggest that you do certainly reach out to your pharmacy team, as we often know a lot of the sources that are available for patients.

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