My child requires an EpiPen, should I send them to school with this?

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My child requires an EpiPen, should I send them to school with this?

Yes, it’s recommended meeting with the school principal and your child’s teacher to ensure that proper EpiPen protocols are being followed and also to make sure that they know the correct use and the correct storage of an EpiPen. I’d also recommend that the expiry date is tracked in order to make sure that your EpiPen is never expired. An EpiPen is a single use injection for an anaphylactic reaction. You're going to remove it from it’s plastic case, remove the blue cap - the safety, swing and push the orange tip into the side of the thigh. You’ll hear a click. You're going to hold it in place for three seconds before removing. You're going to want to seek medical attention immediately after injecting, and don’t forget to bring the EpiPen with you to the hospital.

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