On the bright side

Parents with MS often worry about what their condition will do to their children. It's true that a parent's MS can cause children a great deal of worry and stress. However, it can also give kids valuable skills and experience and help bring the family together.

Having a parent with MS means that kids may take on more responsibility than other children their age. They often help out with cooking, cleaning, shopping, and organizing the day-to-day operations of the household. These are skills that children will be able to use throughout their lives. Being responsible for important errands and tasks can make kids feel more important and trusted. Helping to keep the household running can also give your kids more confidence, independence, responsibility, and maturity. Helping a parent live better with MS may make children more compassionate towards those with special needs.

The shared challenge of MS can help pull a family together. Parents and children can work side by side to keep things going and find new ways to enjoy life. Having open, honest communication with your children about MS also means that they may feel more comfortable talking to you about whatever is on their minds. All of these things can make your family stronger.

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