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“Just breathe and relax.” We’ve all given and received this advice at some point and we all know that it’s much easier said than done. The road to relaxation is paved with good intentions but accessible only through persistent action. True relaxation is a learned skill that takes time, effort and practice to perfect. But don’t get discouraged! Even in an age where serenity seems like a superpower, it can be achieved.



The first step towards learning to relax is learning to manage your stress. The harsh reality is that prolonged stress is a major risk factor for a myriad of diseases, including heart disease and stroke, which are the number one killers of women around the world.* The good news is, women can reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 80 per cent by managing risk factors—stress being at the top of the list.*

Let it Out. From venting your emotions by having a good cry, to talking it out with a friend, or journaling until your hand falls asleep, it’s important to find an outlet.**

Get Creative. Whether it’s painting, photography, music, cooking, or any other creative interest, pursue it.** It’s food for the soul.

Move Your Body. Exercise, in any form, reduces stress. There are no ifs ands or buts about it!* Whether you’re taking a leisurely walk, or hitting the gym, some exercise is always better than no exercise.*



There are endless relaxation techniques you can try. And however challenging the trial and error process, once you find some relaxation techniques that work for you, you’ll be rewarded with such benefits as lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, increased blood flow to major muscles, reduction of chronic pain, improved concentration and mood, lowered fatigue and increased confidence.***

Breathe & Stop. Breathing exercises are among the most popular and effective ways to relax.* Exhalation breathing and deep breathing are simple and easy to try.

Bend Over Backwards. Yoga and meditation, although not quick fixes, can help to settle your mind allowing you to think more calmly and clearly.*

Hang Out. Taking the time for things that give you pleasure and nurture your spirit can have lasting positive effects.* And what better way to spend time than with your friends? Spend some quality time with old pals.



As women and nurturers, it’s often hard to put ourselves first. But your health is nothing to sneeze at and learning to relax is an integral part of maintaining it. It’s never too late to find a new way to unwind and there’s no time like the present.

Get Out There. Getting outside and enjoying nature is undeniably, biologically and mentally therapeutic.* So don’t hesitate to go into the wild.

Have a Spa Day. Facials, massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, the list of deluxe treatments goes on. You deserve to feel good, so why not treat yourself?

Give Back. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to do something for someone else. Volunteer, help a friend or relative with a chore or pay it forward with a random act of kindness. It’ll soothe your soul.


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Finally, always try to remember:

Taking care of others is wonderful. 
Taking care of yourself is essential.
Caring for yourself is the first step to caring for others.