Reach out to loved ones

Hope is fuelled by sharing. Welcome the support of others through your thoughts, feelings and actions. Talk to friends, family and caregivers. Establish relationships with people who make you feel good about yourself and are available to discuss your therapy, whether you experience progress or have a setback. They can also help you make informed decisions.

People with MS show extraordinary courage as they deal with the variability of their condition and incorporate new realities into their lives. This courage can be bolstered through the support of others, by maintaining hope, and by making gains in effective coping skills. All these factors are essential to help you adjust activity levels, make changes in your workplace, or create strong new bonds with family and friends.

Don't give up
Your friends, family and healthcare team are committed to you. They're there for you, whether encouraging you during the peaks or helping you cope with the valleys. Share your hopes and fears with them - it's an essential part of coping with MS.


This article was amended from an article published in the Winter 2003 Compass, by Sheryl Clarke, BScN, RN.

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