Reaching out, giving back

If you or someone you care about have been affected by MS, you may be looking for ways to help with the fight against MS. Whatever your skills, abilities, and resources, there are many things you can do to help:

Volunteering. Volunteering offers a wealth of opportunities to use your unique interests and skills to fight MS. You can participate in a variety of activities, including fund-raising, organizing events, counseling or facilitating self-help groups, visiting people with MS, and speaking at MS events. And you can find a way to get involved that fits your schedule and abilities. Check with your local chapter of the MS Society for more information.

Charitable donations. You may wish to donate to organizations that help people living with MS and support MS research. Or you may want to pledge your support to someone participating in an MS charity walk, run, or bike event.

Being an ambassador. If you or someone you care about are living with MS, your experience could be an inspiration to others. Check with your local MS Society chapter to find out about how to tell your multiple sclerosis story or reach out to others with MS.

Getting creative. Do you have something to say about MS? Whether it's through writing, blogging, poetry, visual art, or music, say it your way! Your creations may help other people learn more about MS and how to cope with it.

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