Reimbursement FAQ

What can I do if I'm having trouble getting coverage?

If you're having trouble getting coverage for your MS medication from your drug insurance plan, you have a number of options. Contact your insurer to find out why they are not covering the medication. You may be able to appeal the insurance company's decision and get coverage for the medication. Speak to your doctor about submitting an appeal. You may also be eligible for other drug plans, such as provincial plans, which may cover the medication. Check with your local chapter of the MS Society of Canada for more information. Plus, many pharmaceutical companies offer special programs to help you find insurance coverage for your MS medication. For more information, contact the company that makes your MS medication.

Is it possible to use two drug insurance plans at once?

Yes. Many Canadians have drug insurance through more than one plan. For example, retirees may get drug insurance from both the government and their employer's pension plan. If you have two plans, you can use both of them to help cover the costs of your MS medication. This is called coordination of benefits. The second plan may cover some or all of the medication costs that are not covered by the first plan. This could give you a significant cost saving. However, you can never get back more than 100% of the cost of the medication.

Are private drug insurance costs tax-deductible?

In some cases, the answer is yes. Sole proprietors or partners in a business can deduct private drug insurance costs (premiums) from their taxes, provided that at least 50% of their income comes from their business (or if not, if their other sources of income are not greater than $10,000 per year), and they are actively engaged in their business. Business owners and managers may also be able to deduct the cost of drug insurance from their business income if they work as an employee of the business and their benefits are similar to those offered to other employees in the business. Check with your accountant and your insurance company for more information.

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