Resources for new parents

Bringing a new baby into the world always involves a new set of challenges and changes to your life. Caring for a baby can be hard work, particularly if you already have young children. This is especially true if your baby was born prematurely, because premature infants require extra care and attention.

These resources are designed to help new parents care for their babies. Some provide information especially for parents of preemies; others provide general information for all new parents.

  • Motherisk: advises new parents on the safety of medications during breast-feeding
  • LaLeche League: provides breast-feeding support and information and helps women solve breast-feeding problems
  • Canadian Pediatric Society: offers a wealth of health information about babies and children

Don't forget, your baby's health care team (doctors and nurses) is also a great resource for information. So, if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask!

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