Resources for travellers with disabilities

Many travel planning books and websites aren't geared towards people with disabilities. Fortunately, there are specialized travel agencies and organizations that can help people with disabilities find accessible destinations and accommodations.

If you're traveling the world, check out the Global Access Disabled Travel Network. It offers travel tips to countries around the world, user ratings of hotels and resorts, and lists of accessible accommodations around the globe. It also offers lists of travel books and websites written by people with disabilities.

Traveling within Canada? The Government of Canada Access to Travel website was developed by Transport Canada especially for people with disabilities. It offers information on accessible transportation options within Canada as well as Canadian travel regulations of interest to people with disabilities. You can also contact the Canadian Tourism Commission for travel planning tips or Parks Canada for information on accessibility in Canada's public parks. Access Guide Canada offers links to disability organizations across the country, including travel organizations.

The MS Society of Canada can direct you to travel agencies, travel consultants, and travel companions for people with special needs. A good travel agency can really help, especially if you're planning a more adventurous trip.

For more tips about air, ground, or sea travel, see the "Planes, trains, boats, and automobiles" section of this feature.

Enjoy your trip!

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