Special needs: chewing and swallowing

Good nutrition is essential for everyone, but people with MS may have special considerations and needs. Your symptoms or your medications can affect your ability to eat certain foods which, in turn, can affect your health. Talk to your health care professional about dry mouth and other symptoms that interfere with eating.

If you have difficulty chewing or swallowing, you may need to change the form of some of your foods. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Thick drinks such as milk shakes or juices can make swallowing easier.
  • Crackers, cookies and cakes crumble easily and can cause choking; avoid these foods if possible.
  • Preparing foods with a blender can help make chewing easier.
  • Eating smaller meals more frequently, instead of three large meals, can help you eat more easily.

You should also talk to your doctor about swallowing problems. A doctor might refer you to a specialist who can suggest changes in the way you prepare foods or in the way you sit and breathe while you eat.

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