Stress support

Finding out you have a fertility problem can be a difficult and stressful time. Examining the various treatment options available can also be very emotionally draining. But you don't have to go through the stress of infertility alone. There are many support groups available to help couples going through infertility and fertility treatment.

Support services can provide information on infertility and fertility treatments, allow the couple to feel less alone, help the couple feel normal about the experience, and provide hope and encouragement.

The first place you can look to for support is your partner. Talking to your partner about how you feel will make you feel less isolated and will allow you to cope with infertility together. Many couples grow closer and build a stronger relationship while going through the experience of infertility together.

Your health care provider can be a great source for support. Your doctor can offer medical advice. They can suggest strategies to cope with stress and give information on where you can find further support, such as a mental health professional or sex therapist.

A sex therapist is helpful for couples whose infertility is caused by a sexual problem. A sex therapist can also provide advice for a couple whose normal sex life is being affected by fertility treatment.

Many counselling programs are available. You can seek counselling from a mental health professional or a fertility counsellor. Mental health professionals can teach couples how to effectively manage stress and help them come to an agreement on treatment options.

Counsellors who are experienced in fertility issues can provide help to couples who are going through infertility and its treatments. Couples whose relationship is suffering because of the stress of infertility may find counselling helpful.

Joining a support group can be helpful, too. Support groups foster contact with other people who are also experiencing fertility problems. Talking with people who have been through infertility can help couples feel less alone.

Support group members can also help each other by providing tips and stories on how they are coping with the stress of infertility. Success stories shared through support groups can also give couples struggling with infertility a sense of hope.

Many fertility clinics offer these types of support services. Remember that these support services are there to help you cope with the stress of infertility. You don't have to go through this alone.

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