Talking to your doctor about cholesterol targets

You and your doctor must work together as partners to help you reach your cholesterol targets. Here are 3 things to discuss with your doctor:

What are my cholesterol targets?

Your doctor will choose cholesterol targets for you. To learn more about cholesterol targets, see "What do the cholesterol targets mean?" in this feature. If you don't know your cholesterol targets, ask your doctor to write them down. You can use the Cholesterol Diary to record your cholesterol targets and track your cholesterol levels over time.

Am I reaching my cholesterol targets?

Your doctor will test your cholesterol levels regularly to see how your treatment is working. Ask your doctor how often you should be tested and whether you are reaching your targets.

What can I do if I am not reaching my targets?

If you are not reaching your cholesterol targets, ask your doctor what you can do. You may need to make additional healthy lifestyle changes, adjust the dose of your medication, change medications, or add a new medication. Tell your doctor if you have had any trouble with your medication, such as side effects or forgetting doses, or if you have stopped the medication on your own. This information can help your doctor select a more appropriate treatment and dose for you.

Use the Doctor Discussion Guide to help you prepare for your doctor's visit.

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