The Dry Styling Step Two You’ve Been Missing

The Dry Styling Step Two You’ve Been Missing

Dry shampoo is all but a necessity in the modern girl’s haircare toolbox – that miraculous hair savior that we all swear by to give our busiest mornings a makeover and free us up to get going (or simply press snooze a few extra times). While oil-zapping dry shampoos are the pros when it comes to keeping roots fresh and clean, neglected ends can be left seriously lacking in luster.

Well, it’s time to meet your silky-smooth bestie: dry conditioner is the every-bit-as-important step two that you’ve been missing to fulfill all your dry styling dreams. You wouldn’t skip the conditioner on a hair wash day – so let’s get it into your second (or third or fourth or fifth) day haircare regime!

What it is:
Nobody wants second-day hair to have a dull matte look with an inclination for frizzing out. Enter The Locks Smith Hydrating Dry Conditioner Spray by Cake. This feather light game-changer instantly gives dull, dry hair a smooth, soft blown out look with weightless shine.

How it works:
A trio of all-star natural oils are the stars of our show, to revive your style without the harsh chemicals. Argan oil adds serious shine, coconut oil brings back much-needed moisture, and crambe seed oil does double duty to both smooth and actively condition those second-day tresses. But this heavy hitter is no heavyweight: both our formulation and distribution system are specifically designed for all hair types, to ensure even the finest of strands are never weighed down. Beauty bonus: over time, these hydrating oils work to repair and protect damaged ends!

How you use it:
After cleansing and boosting roots with your fave Cake dry shampoo, spray The Locks Smith Hydrating Dry Conditioner Spray all over hair – paying special attention to those sensitive ends – and lightly brush through. Use in between washes to smooth second-day hair, or as a finishing spray to give your strands a silky-shine infusion. Don’t miss this essential step in your dry styling routine – with Cake’s cruelty-free, vegan, and naturally luxe The Locks Smith, you’ll be giving those overly enthusiastic tresses a smooth blow-out look every morning – no water required!