Thinking about birth control

Becoming a new parent gives moms and dads the opportunity to check out new birth control treatments. Your pre-baby method may not be ideal now (taking a daily Pill, for example, isn’t the best option for your current lifestyle), while options ruled out years before may be preferable now due to product improvements (IUDs), or changes in your lifestyle.

Additionally, if the last time you compared birth control options was during high school sex ed class, you may be amazed at the new choices available in Canada today, including the convenient contraceptive patch (Evra), vaginal ring (Nuvaring), injections (Depo-Provera) and new-generation IUDs.

See your doctor.

Before embarking on a new birth control method, consult with your family doctor. Not all contraception methods are suitable for everyone. Pre-existing health conditions, lifestyle habits, and plans for your next pregnancy may rule out certain methods for you.

And don’t forget to involve your partner in this discussion. A vasectomy, for example, is safe, nearly 100% effective, permits an active sex life and is a simple outpatient medical procedure performed under local anaesthetic.

Practice safe sex.

Remember that contraception is only one aspect of “safer sex.” The only birth control method that also provides protection against sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) is the condom.

Get advice.

If you’re wondering about birth control, your Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist can assist you. Your pharmacist can answer questions you have about over-the-counter products as well as prescription methods.

Shoppers Drug Mart carries a wide array of non-prescription birth control and sexual health products, including male condoms, spermicidal foam or gel and personal lubricants.

To learn more, talk to your Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist.