Tips for sound sleep

Improving sleeping habits will help you find ways towards a good night's sleep.

To improve your sleeping habits, consider the following suggestions:

  • Drink coffee, tea or caffeinated beverages in the morning only.
  • Enjoy mild exercise early enough in the evening just so that you're sufficiently tired for sleep, but not experiencing the "adrenalin exercise high" associated with exercise.
  • Try deep-breathing relaxation exercises or listen to soothing music before your bedtime.
  • Keep a regular time for going to bed and waking up, and make consistent bedtime routines for yourself. For example, have a cup of chamomile tea before bed.
  • Practice repetitive mental exercises (the tried-and-true "counting sheep" trick) or repeating a phrase that you find comforting.
  • Relax yourself with visualizations – picture yourself in a quiet forest, sitting in front of the ocean, or resting on a hammock.
  • Adjust your room temperature to a level most comfortable for you.

If you still can't sleep after about 10 minutes of trying, don't let frustration take over. Try getting out of bed and doing something quiet and relaxing such as reading or sitting your favorite chair listening to gentle music.

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