Too tired to exercise?

Feeling too tired to exercise? Here are some ways to find the energy:

  • Rest up the night before you exercise. Take a short nap during the day if you need it.
  • Work out at a convenient location to avoid the hassle of commuting.
  • Schedule exercise for when you have the most energy.
  • If you take exercise classes, let your instructor know that you may need to take a break during the class.
  • Prevent overheating - stay cool. There are many ways to do this, including working out in an air-conditioned room, during the coolest times of the day, or in a pool. If you choose pool exercises, make sure the pool temperature is appropriate: ideally, it should be about 27°C to 29°C (80°F to 84°F).
  • If fatigue strikes while you're exercising, try to keep going at a moderate pace for another 2 minutes. You can also give this a try if the fatigue hits you even before you begin. Sometimes, this is enough to overcome the fatigue. If not, then take a break (usually a 15-minute break is enough).
  • Start off slowly. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about how much exercise you should reasonably start with. If your expectations are unrealistic, you may lose your motivation to exercise.

Try these tips to get yourself started on your exercise program. And remember that things will get easier as you go along, because exercise can actually give you more energy - another great reason to start exercising!

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