Travelling? Make sure you pack a few health essentials.

Did you know that there are 4 typical medical problems experienced by travellers? Top of the list are diarrhea and stomach upset, then allergies and colds, then wounds and also pain. Depending on where you’re going, you might not be able to find the medications you need, when you need them. So, you might want to pack a few health essentials, just in case:

  • Antidiarrheal – Life Brand Diarrhea Relief is a good choice since unfamiliar foods and drinks often result in Montezuma’s revenge, as some call it.
  • Laxative – Sometimes you can have the other problem – a lack of elimination! Life Brand Senna or Stool Softener can help, if it happens.
  • Antacid – Trying new foods doesn’t always agree with everyone. And an upset stomach can end a fun evening. Pack some Life Brand Acid Reducer or Soft Chew Peppermint Antacids.
  • Antihistamine – Even people who have no allergies at home can find new plants in new places that might be something to sneeze at. Life Brand Allergy Formula caplets may help.
  • Dry or irritated eyes – Try Life Brand Original Eye Drops for soothing relief. Or, if you wear contact lenses, consider Life Brand Artificial Tears.
  • Antinauseant – Going on a boat? Do you tend to get seasick or feel motion sickness? If you answered yes, then take Life Brand Antinauseant tablets with you.
  • Aches, pain or fever relief – Long sightseeing day on your feet? Keep Life Brand Acetaminophen or Life Brand Ibuprofen at hand.
  • Cold medication – No one wants to be sidelined with a cold. Pack some cold medication that can soothe your usual symptoms, such as Life Brand Cold and Sinus caplets.
  • Sunscreen – everyone prefers to avoid sunburn, yet many people forget sunscreen, especially on ski holidays or a cruise, where there’s no beach, but the sun is still a factor. Take Life Brand Sunscreen SPF 30. – And maybe Life Brand Aloe Vera Gel, just in case you DO forget…
  • For itches and bug bites – Do take an insect repellant, but also take Life Brand Hydrocortisone Cream, in case you forget to use it.
  • First Aid – Always have basic first aid supplies for cuts and sprains. Pack a Life Brand First Aid Kit, Life Brand Antiseptic Ointment and a Life Brand Elastic Bandage.
  • Clean hands – It’s always a good idea to take Life Brand Alcohol-based Wipes along anywhere. The wipes are handy for lots of uses.

Pack these, along with your traveller’s medical insurance and an umbrella and you’ll be ready for whatever happens. Be sure to read the labels carefully and never give products formulated for adults to children. Check first with your Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist or Doctor that the products you’ve chosen are safe for you to use. And, hopefully you will never have to use them - have a great trip!