Underage Anti-Aging: Do You Have A Lisence For That Line Cream?

They say youth is wasted on the young… but youthful skin certainly isn’t. Today’s young people worry more about protecting skin from aging than any other previous generation. And we’re not talking the fresh-out-of-college set. We’re talking late teens to early 20-something-ers. And with all the emphasis on youth and beauty these days – it’s no wonder! Throw in a cosmetic disaster story or two (hello cat woman!) and you’ve got yourself a full- blown, under-age anti-aging crisis.

But really… how much could a dab of moisturizer here, a dose of serum there hurt? Here’s the wrinkle: Many of those anti-age face products are heavy – rich with fat-based moisturizing ingredients. This just isn’t great for acne prone (aka teeny-bopper) skin. And those creams that promote “lifting and firming”? They contain peptides for cell regeneration, which can over-stimulate younger healthier skin cells and cause irritation. And let’s not even get into the peels! Basically anything containing glycolic acid messes with the lymphatic system and can eventually stop normal cell function. Over time this can leave skin looking dull and dried-out.

Bottom line – hold off on the anti-aging heft until 25.And even then – don’t go whole hog. Start by incorporating certain products into your beauty routine. An eye cream is a good start. Even if this area isn’t an issue for you, you’ll see a difference in how your concealer wears. Also a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week will keep skin glowing. And the magic word no matter what your age… anti-oxidants. Look for products rich in vitamin C and argan oil, which are great for keeping skin youthful.

Aging skin is still distracting you from doing your homework? Remember what your mom has always said. Wear sunscreen. Don’t smoke. Avoid crash diets. And get plenty of sleep!

There’s no better recipe for radiant skin… at any age!