What are signs that you should be looking for that you may need to seek help?

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What are signs that you should be looking for that you may need to seek help?

So, there’s a lot of red flags that you can feel or see in somebody that you care about that warns you to seek medical help. The biggest thing or the simplest symptoms that we talk about, if you feel that you are exerting more effort than normal in activities that you do every day, that used to be easy for you, then this is a warning sign. Now, if you feel that you have low energy, no energy, eating too much, sleeping too much, eating too little, sleeping too little, if there is more smoking, more drinking, more drug use, the feel of helplessness or hopelessness or numb, that nothing makes me happy anymore, nothing pleases me, pulling away from your social activity, if you feel that you think of thoughts, see things, or hear voices, that you know are not true, and the most serious would be if you think about harming yourself or harming others, that’s a red flag and all of those symptoms need medical attention. So, you can speak to your physician, you can reach out to your pharmacist and your pharmacist will be able to redirect you at that point.

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