What are some tips for supporting a friend or family member with their mental health concerns?

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What are some tips for supporting a friend or family member with their mental health concerns?

Having support from your family and friends is extremely important when you’re living with mental illness, and often will speed up your recovery. Support can look different for every individual, sometimes it’s just having somebody to listen, or maybe somebody to participate in activities with you when you don’t want to do it by yourself. For instance, exercise is very good for your mental health; having a buddy to go for a walk with, having somebody know or understand what your mental illness is, and what you may possibly be going through, so they can help you identify resources in the community, to possibly help you navigate the system a little bit better. Oftentimes, if somebody is aware of what you’re going through, it makes the battle a lot less overwhelming. And reaching out, whether it be a friend or a family member, or even maybe your healthcare professional, or a pharmacist, can usually help make this situation a little bit easier.

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