What are the common side effects and down time for wrinkle reducers and dermal fillers?

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What are the common side effects and down time for wrinkle reducers and dermal fillers?

Serious side effects as a result of wrinkle reducers or dermal fillers are extremely rare, especially when done by an experienced practitioner, like the practitioners at the Beauty Clinic. Some of the common things that you can experience after the wrinkle reducer or the dermal filler treatment is a bit of swelling around the injection site, some redness or some pinpoint bruising. Those things go away within a couple of days. We do recommend that you don’t rub or pick at the injection site and avoid some strenuous activities during that day of your procedure and potentially the following day. The nurse practitioners at the Beauty Clinic will follow up with you after two weeks of your procedure and are available to answer any questions or concerns immediately after the procedure.

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