Work out wherever you are

A vacation offers you an escape from work worries, school stresses, or whatever else that usually bogs you down in the day-to-day. But when you flee your routine, you don't want to totally abandon your good fitness intentions, do you? A few of you may have answered a resounding "Yes!" to that question. For the rest of you, pack these travel tips in your carry-on.

  • Check to see if your hotel has a workout room.
  • If you have a bike rack, bring an extra set of wheels – rest stops sometimes connect to short trails you can explore.
  • Scan local listings for yoga studios or drop-in gym deals.
  • Ditch the tour bus and travel the sightseeing route on foot – wear a pedometer as you walk and you'll be surprised by how much exercise you've fit in between destinations.
  • Take a nature hike.
  • Go for a run in a new place – look around online for running maps.
  • Pack easy-to-carry athletic gear, like your yoga mat, running gear, or a jump-rope.
  • Don't forget about the pool – swimming is a great workout!

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