Dressing for all occasions

Deciding what to wear when you have incontinence can seem stressful. What can you wear so that no one knows you have incontinence? There's nothing to be embarrassed about - it's no one else's business.

Over 3.3 million Canadians are affected by incontinence, so you are not alone in trying to figure out what to wear with incontinence. You may be managing incontinence with medication, pelvic floor muscle exercises, or absorbent products, but you should always be prepared for an emergency or accidents. Here are some tips on dressing for all occasions:

  • Wear absorbent products. They give you the extra measure of protection so that you can feel confident going about your normal life.
  • Wear dark clothing. Black or dark navy blue can help reduce the visibility of any external wetness that can occur if you experience an accidental leak.
  • Choose clothes that are easy to remove, in case you need to change or replace your absorbent product. When dressing casual, loose jeans, clothing with elastic waists, track pants, or cargo pants are good choices. Loose-fitting tops and loose, flowing dresses or skirts are options for work or going out. If possible, avoid any hassles by choosing absorbent products that you can change without taking off your pants.
  • For work and evenings out, wear a jacket or cardigan. If necessary, you can tie them around your waist to cover up an accident.

So you know what to wear. But you never know what may happen. What if you end up staying out (having a great time!) longer than you expected? Or you need to work late to finish a project? The key is to be prepared:

  • Carry extra absorbent products with you. Use a large purse or tote bag (whatever the occasion calls for), which can easily fit absorbent products. Alternatively, leave extras in the trunk of your car if you're going out. If you have a private drawer in your desk or office at work, put some extra absorbent products there.
  • Keep an extra set of clothing just in case you need to change. Like the absorbent products, you can store your clothing in your car or in a drawer in your desk.
  • Pack disposable wipes. These can keep your skin clean and they're softer and less irritating than using toilet tissue. And you can fit a couple in your purse or even your pant pocket without making it bulky.

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