Exercise: what works for you?

You already know that exercise can help you lose weight. But did you know that the secret to sticking with your exercise program is choosing exercises that you actually enjoy? This sounds obvious, but many people wind up with an exercise routine that they hate. Or they continue to do the same activities long after they've stopped being fun. So it's no surprise when they don't feel like exercising.

But you can find exercises that you enjoy. Exercising is about more than just going to a gym. You'd be surprised that many everyday hobbies and activities, such as gardening, can actually count as exercise. And you can adapt these activities to get around some of the physical challenges of MS, such as fatigue, mobility, and balance issues.

Here are a few suggestions on finding fun, creative ways to exercise with MS:

  • If MS fatigue makes it hard for you to do a 30-minute or 60-minute exercise routine, break your exercise up into several shorter blocks of only 10 minutes – this will give you the same benefit in easy-to-manage chunks. Schedule the 10-minute chunks for the times when you have the most energy.
  • If there are some sports or exercises that you used to do but now find challenging because of your MS, ask your physiotherapist about ways to modify them so you can continue to enjoy them.
  • Try something new! Join a yoga class (some centers offer yoga classes especially for people with MS) or learn a new sport.
  • If getting out to the gym is hard, or you'd rather not join a gym, you can exercise at home, either by getting your own exercise equipment or using exercise videos. Some videos are made for people with MS – contact your local MS society to find out where to buy them.

Exercise will help you control your weight. Plus, exercise has an added bonus: it can help improve your MS. People who exercise enjoy better fitness, stronger limbs, less fatigue, and better bowel and bladder control. Exercise can also help you recover from relapses and manage feelings of anger or depression.

Before starting any new exercise routine, check with your doctor or physiotherapist first. They can make sure that your new activity will be both fun and safe!

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