Fast, fun snack ideas


Healthy snack ideas your toddler will gobble up

Toddlers are a bit like a high-performance race cars: small, fast and in need of frequent refuelling. Some parents worry that snacks will diminish a small child’s already tiny appetite, but toddlers need more than just three meals a day because their stomachs are smaller. Aim for snacks that contain two of the four food groups—grains, vegetables and fruits, milk products and meats or alternatives. Here’s how to make the most of snack time:

Dip it! Dunking pieces of fruit or vegetables into something “dippable” is almost as interesting as finger painting, and much tastier. Sliced fruit dipped in yogurt, or veggies dunked into hummus are always a hit. (Don’t forget that raw carrots and other hard vegetables can be a choking hazard for very young children.)

Do-it-yourself Toddlers love to help. If they participate in the snack preparation, they’re much more likely to give it a try even if it’s something unfamiliar. Washing fruits and vegetables is a great starting point. Or, set out small bowls of cereal, nuts and dried fruit and let them mix up their own trial mix to take on the road.

Think small Remember—their tummies are smaller, so that means serving sizes will be much smaller than what an adult would eat. By keeping serving sizes in check, you’ll satisfy their hunger without filling them up before their next meal.