Help at Home

In the kitchen

  • Use a microwave oven instead of a traditional stove and kettle.
  • Buy a kettle and iron with an automatic switch-off.
  • When loading a dishwasher, keep knives and sharp objects pointed downward.
  • Wear rubber gloves when washing glassware or knives.
  • Keep regularly used household items, such as kitchen utensils, towels and linens, where they can be easily reached.
  • Serve food from where it is cooked, directly onto plates. You won't have to carry saucepans or casseroles of hot food.
  • Avoid breakable plates and cookware, and try not to use electric knives.

In the bathroom

  • Never lock the bathroom door.
  • Take showers or sponge baths instead of tub-baths. Sit down when showering and make sure someone else is at home while you shower.
  • Keep a rubber bath mat on the floor of the shower, and pad the edge of the tub with a folded towel.
  • To prevent burns, turn on the cold water first.
  • Use shower curtains instead of glass shower doors.

General home safety tips

  • Keep your home well lit and use nightlights.
  • Secure loose rugs to the floor and choose low carpets instead of shag.
  • Keep all floors free from obstacles.
  • While at home, wear low-heeled shoes or slippers with good traction.
  • Choose furniture with rounded edges and pad for extra protection.
  • Place furniture against walls wherever possible.
  • Beds, chairs and toilet seats are easier to use (and safer) if they are elevated.
  • If needed, install handrails on both sides of staircases. Remember that staircases with landings are safer.
  • Use portable phones for more convenient (and emergency) use.

If you are considering buying a new home, keep in mind that bungalows are safer than two-story homes. And look for ground level entry and ease of wheelchair access.

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