How often should I get a Medication Review?

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How often should I get a Medication Review?

In general, most patients benefit from a yearly medication review. Other things which could affect the frequency of medication reviews are things such as a recent discharge from a hospital, being started on chronic therapy for a newly diagnosed illness, major life changes such as quitting smoking or losing weight. All of these things can lead to needing a medication review more frequently than yearly. As well, through the last few months, with the challenges of the pandemic, many patients are finding gaps in face to face treatment by their primary healthcare provider and these instances of more frequent medication reviews can certainly be beneficial to help fill those gaps.

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*PharmaCheck medication review in New Brunswick, the Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program, MedsCheck in Ontario, and similarly named programs in other provinces and territories are funded by their respective provincial or territorial governments for those who are eligible.

The information included in this recording is correct as of June 11th, 2021