How to Make Exercising Easier

To help find a fitness routine that fits into your schedule and doesn't cause excess fatigue, consider the following suggestions:

  • Choose a community center or recreation facility in your neighborhood, to avoid extra efforts from the commute.
  • Avoid exercising in overheated environments. Check locker room temperature and humidity, and ask about the pool temperature: the ideal water temperature is between 80 and 84 degrees.
  • Step with care: look for non-slip floors in locker rooms and around pools, grab rails in pools and shower areas and pool lifts if needed.
  • Learn how to monitor your heart rate and breathing rate and stay within your appropriate heart rate target range.
  • Always wear rubber-soled nylon or plastic water shoes or sandals on the wet floors of locker rooms and pool areas.
  • Don't hesitate to lean against a wall or use a chair for support in stretching, yoga, or aerobics classes.
  • When working to improve balance, have someone standing nearby for protection.

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