In case of emergency

Make sure telephones in your home are easy to access, and that you can reach essential doors and locks, window latches and any assistive devices (or wheelchairs) you require.

Plan your emergency route exits. Some fire departments will place special stickers on your bedroom window if you have a disability. Test your smoke alarms and change their batteries.

Ask your fire department for a fire safety inspection. Know how to use a fire extinguisher and make sure it's readily accessible in your home.

Install peepholes at eye-level in your front and back doors. You might want to purchase an electric door system, alarm or intercom system for your home.

Assess your home from the outside – are you advertising that someone with a disability lives there? Keep wheelchairs inside or in a garage. If you live alone, change your answering machine or voice-mail message to suggest that you don't live alone.

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