Personal Lubricants. Have you tried them yet?

Personal lubricants have been around for a long time. Now you can find them in a wide variety of formulas, including warming, flavoured, water-based, silicone-based and oil-based in fluid or jelly types. Sometimes they are just for fun, but as many women suffer from vaginal dryness they also provide an important function.

How to use lubricants

You don't need to use very much lubricant. Start out with a very small amount. Pour a small, dime-size amount onto your fingers and apply where needed. If the product is cold, try rubbing it into the palm of your hands first before applying to skin to avoid the chill. Add more if you need it. Water-based lubricants are the most common and are the easiest to clean up. Oil-based lubricants are not recommended for use with latex condoms.

Add some moisture

If you already have enough natural lubrication, a little bit of lubricant can provide a slick feeling that feels great. For many women though, vaginal dryness makes it a necessity. As our hormone levels go up and down, women naturally experience some vaginal dryness and it is very common after menopause. Without enough natural lubrication, friction can cause irritation and pain. Life Brand Personal Lubricant is a clear, non-greasy, water-based formula than can help offset vaginal dryness.

If you experience other symptoms in addition to the dryness, such as itching or stinging, burning, soreness, pain, light bleeding with intercourse, or if you urinate very frequently or have recurrent urinary tract infections, then check with your Doctor to make sure it is not something more serious.

Add a little heat

If you want to add something new to your intimate experience, try Life Brand Intimate Warming Jelly or Intimate Warming Fluid. They provide added moisture and just enough heat and sensation on contact to add some zing. They are non-greasy, water-based and latex compatible. Be careful to use very small amounts when you first use them until you are comfortable with the sensations.

Some lubricant formulas can damage latex condoms, so always read the package carefully. Most personal lubricants do not contain a spermicide and are not contraceptives. As with any product, if you have any unexpected reactions, stop using it immediately.

So whether you are looking for a product to help you with vaginal dryness, or just want to add some fun – try using a personal lubricant!