Joe Fresh

Prep, Correct and Finish

Prep, correct and finish with the NEW Joe Fresh Hydrating Primer, the NEW Joe Fresh Colour Correcting Crayons and Joe Fresh Daily Boost Fluid Foundation.

Prep With Primer
Formulated for dry skin, this water based, paraben and oil free primer helps create an invisible canvas for longer lasting makeup results. Just apply primer to dry, clean skin, then blend evenly to create a smooth, hydrating base for better make up application.

Clever Correction
Now that you’ve primed, correct with Joe Fresh Colour Correcting Crayons. Available in three shades:

- Green helps reduce redness
 Lavender helps brighten dull skin
- Yellow helps lighten dark spots.

First, apply to problem areas. Then, use your finger or a Joe Fresh Blending Sponge to blend it into your skin. Finally, layer colour for full coverage.

Finishing Foundation
Finish with Joe Fresh Daily Boost Fluid Foundation, available in Almond, Bisque, Porcelain and Sand. Containing anti-oxidents and hyaluronic acid, this foundation helps to boost skin’s moisture, leaving dewy, hydrated looking skin.