Treatment myths

Myth: MS can be cured.
Fact: There is currently no cure for MS. You may see websites or ads for herbal products, supplements, or other treatments that claim to cure MS. Unfortunately, there are no treatments available that can actually cure the condition. However, this does not mean that MS cannot be treated. Medications, exercise, and counselling can all help you to live well with MS. And there is hope for the future – researchers are getting closer every day to discovering a cure.

Myth: MS medications do not slow the progression of the disease.
Fact: Some MS medications can slow the progression of disability for people with relapsing-remitting MS. The group of medications known as disease-modifying drugs can slow down the progression of disability. Disease-modifying drugs work best to help stop or delay disability when started soon after you are diagnosed with MS.

Myth: People with MS shouldn't have flu shots.
Fact: Flu shots are considered safe for people with MS. Studies have shown that flu shots do not increase the risk of having a relapse, and they do not cause the disease to progress. But getting the flu could trigger a relapse – about one-third of people with MS experience more symptoms after having the flu. Before getting a flu shot, speak to your doctor about whether it would be appropriate for you.

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