Requesting a Lockbox
on Your Health Clinic Record

The Health Clinic by Shoppers™ takes patient privacy very seriously and has practices and procedures in place to make sure that your personal health information is kept confidential.

Any personal health information collected by the Health Clinic is available to members of your healthcare team to ensure that you are provided with the best possible care. For more information, on how we use your health information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Can I control who can see my personal health information?

Yes! You can ask the Health Clinic to restrict access to your personal health information, by requesting a Lockbox be applied to your Health Clinic record.

What information can be locked?

A Lockbox can be applied to a Health Clinic record to:

  • Prohibit access to specific reports contained in your Health Clinic record;
  • Prohibit access to your entire Health Clinic record; and/or
  • Prohibit access to your Health Clinic record by a specific person.

Are there times when a lockbox may not be effective?

Yes, a Lockbox will not be effective if Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) permits uses of information without a patient’s consent. Some examples include:

  • For use by Health Clinic administrative staff for quality assurance activities that improve our services;
  • For reporting to the Ontario Ministry of Health or to an authorized registry, such as Ontario Health;
  • When the Health Clinic is served with a warrant or court order for the locked information;
  • When the Health Clinic is required to report certain diseases to Public Health; or
  • To report suspected child abuse.

PHIPA also allows the Health Clinic to override a Lockbox where permitted by law, to eliminate or reduce a significant risk of serious bodily harm, or in an emergency.

Are there risks in limiting access to your personal health information?

Yes, putting a Lockbox on your personal health information could affect the ability of healthcare providers to provide safe and reliable treatment for you. For example,

  • Your care provider may not have the necessary information to provide you with the best possible care, or may not be able to continue to offer you care without access to the locked information; or
  • Locked information at the point of care may create a potential for error in the delivery of your treatment or medications.

What can a patient do to minimize the potential risks of a Lockbox?

When you request a Lockbox, you will have the opportunity to consult with a clinician regarding the potential clinical risks of applying a Lockbox to your Health Clinic record. A clinician may be able to recommend specific items of your chart that could be locked based on your concerns instead of locking the entire record.

Need more information

If you would like to know more about the Health Clinic’s approach to privacy and our information handling practices please see our Privacy Policy.

To request a ‘lockbox’ to be placed on your electronic medical record, please schedule an appointment either through the Health Clinic by Shoppers™ web page or by calling the clinic directly to book an appointment to discuss your options further with your physician.