Keep your mouth healthy en route to your destination

You're excited for your final travel destination, but you're not looking forward to the journey there. Whether it's a 16-hour road trip or a 12-hour flight, you've got a long day ahead of you. The comforts of having a clean bathroom to take care of your oral health are probably not accessible to you. But don't fear! Here are some tips to keep your mouth healthy while en route to your travel destination.

Carry a few essential oral hygiene items in your bag or purse. You don't want to sort through your luggage just to get your toothbrush. And when you're travelling by plane, you might not even have that option if you didn't pack a carry-on. Have a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss handy to keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh while you're travelling. If you're tight for space, use travel-sized items.

Use a mouth rinse for those instances when you just don't have time to do a full oral care routine. It's not a substitute for brushing and flossing, but when there's a line-up for that truck stop bathroom or the air turbulence forces you to get back to your seat on a flight, then a rinse is a quick way to freshen up your breath.

Stay away from tooth-unfriendly foods. During travel, it's likely you're straying from your usual oral care routine. Don't make things worse by eating foods that are not good for your teeth. Stay away from sugary snacks and carbonated soft drinks – bacteria from plaque use the sugar to produce acids that erode tooth enamel. When picking up your snacks for the ride, choose nuts and seeds (try sunflower or pumpkin or a handful of almonds) rather than a bag of jujubes or jelly beans.

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