Testosterone: Find a treatment that fits

There are a number of treatment options available for the symptoms of low testosterone. Making a decision about which is best depends on your partner - his lifestyle, his concerns, and his preferences.

Have your partner answer the following questions and bring this list to his doctor, so together you can decide which option is the most appropriate.

Questions for your partner:

  1. Do you have another condition that may rule out testosterone replacement therapy (including breast cancer, prostate cancer, suspected prostate cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, or liver disease)?
    Yes No Unsure

  2. Are you concerned about the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy?
    Yes No Unsure

  3. Is the convenience of a once-a-day product an important factor to you when choosing a medication?
    Yes No Unsure

  4. Is it important that the treatment you choose does not interfere with your daily routine?
    Yes No Unsure

  5. Do you prefer to be treated in your doctor's office or would you prefer a treatment that can be administered at home?
    Doctor's office
    Home Unsure

  6. Are you concerned about the safety of testosterone treatments on others you come into close contact with (e.g., wife/partner, female children, etc.)?
    Yes No Unsure

  7. Would you prefer a treatment that matches your body's natural circadian rhythm (i.e., your body's biological clock)?
    Yes No Unsure

  8. Of all the treatment options, which ones appeal the most to you?
      Most interested May be interested Not interested
    Once-a-day patch
    Once-a-day gel
    Capsules (up to 2, twice daily)
    Injection into a muscle (every 2-4 weeks)

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