In these challenging times, people may be looking for ways to manage mental health challenges. AbilitiCBT can help with therapist-guided virtual therapy accessible on any device.

  • What is AbilitiCBT?
  • AbilitiCBT is a therapist-guided, internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program. It’s as effective as traditional, in-person CBT, which can help you develop skills and strategies to be well.

    It focuses on changing negative thought patterns, emotional responses, and behaviours.

    CBT is proven to be one of the most effective and efficient therapy methods.
  • How does the program work?
  • Patients who decide to participate in the program will begin with an online questionnaire followed by a consultation with a professional therapist to assess their needs.

    Each program has structured modules with educational articles, exercises and activities that can be completed at an individual’s own pace and time.

    The therapist will monitor the patient’s progress as they work through the modules. There will be scheduled check-ins with the therapist along the way and patients can connect by phone, video, or messaging.
  • Who can benefit from CBT?
  • AbilitiCBT is most suitable for patients experiencing mild to moderate mental health conditions, as well as those living with chronic conditions and struggling with related mental health challenges.
  • What types of conditions does AbilitiCBT address?
  • There are five programs available within AbilitiCBT: Anxiety, Depression, Anxiety related to pandemic, Insomnia and Pain Management.

    Each program helps the individual learn about the condition, learning CBT skills and how to use them to change responses to triggers, and develop strategies to track and reduce the impact of their condition.

    New programs are coming soon.
  • How do I get access to the program?
  • Shoppers Drug Mart patients looking to access these programs can download the PC Health App on Google Play or the app store, navigate directly to https://shoppersdrugmart.myicbt.com/home, or speak to their local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist for guidance and support.
  • Is there a cost associated with the program?
  • For patients who live in Manitoba or Ontario and are 16 or older, the Anxiety (including special program for anxiety related to a pandemic) and Depression programs are available for free through government funding.

    For those unable to access government funding, Shoppers Drug Mart patients receive a preferred price of $400 per program, paid in 4 installments of $100. If applicable, patients can be reimbursed through benefits or insurance plans under paramedical coverage or through their Health Care Spending Account.