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Exclusive Nutrition Packages

Can’t decide? Your Registered Dietitian can help you choose which package is right for you.

Healthy Eeating in Your 30s
(1 x 60 min, 1 x 30 min)


Looking for strategies to help you look and feel your best during your thirties? Struggling to make your health a priority, while you juggle all your other responsibilities? Our Dietitian will provide you with a personalized plan that fits your life.

Healthy Eating in Your 40s
(1 x 60 min, 1 x 30 min)


Looking to make the most of your fabulous forties? Our Dietitian can help you feel and look your best. This package will give you a comprehensive overview of what you need to know to lead a healthy lifestyle, personalized to you.

Healthy Eating in Your 50s
(1 x 60 min, 1 x 30 min)


For many, the years between 50 and 59 often bring a lot of changes. A personalized lifestyle plan, created by our Dietitian, can help you feel your best. Our Dietitian can help cover topics like weight management, food recommendations for menopause and more.

Healthy Eating in Your 60s
(1 x 60 min, 1 x 30 min)


There are things that you can do to feel energized as you move into your 60s. This package will give you a comprehensive overview of how to eat well to feel great – personalized to you. No fad diets, no gimmicks, just evidence-based nutrition and hands-on guidance.

Sustain Your Change
(6 x 15 minute)


Regular follow-ups can help you stay accountable to your goals. Keep the positive momentum going with more frequent appointments with your Dietitian. Available to customers who have experienced our packages or à la carte services.

Your Healthy Weight


From understanding how your body works to preparing more meals at home, our Dietitian can equip you with the right tools to help you achieve your healthy weight.

Package includes:
• x1 60 minute initial consultation
• x1 60 minute follow up
• x6 15 minute check ins

Nutrition for Mom and Baby


Feeling anxious or unsure about what to eat while pregnant or breastfeeding? Want to learn how to transition your baby to solids? Let our Dietitian guide you! Get the answers you and your baby need, in the comfort of your own grocery store. Babies welcome to all sessions.

Package includes:
• x1 60 minute initial nutrition consultation
• x2 30 minute follow ups

Invest in Your Health
(1 x 60 min, 2 x 30 min)


This package is designed to help you take control over your health to prevent or manage one or more chronic conditions. You will receive an overview of how to eat well to support your health and continued motivation to help you achieve your health goals.

Personalized Nutrition Genetics Testing

(Test + 2 x 60 min consultations)

A simple saliva sample can provide insight into how your genes impact how your body uses nutrients, weight management, exercise and more. This package offers genetic testing for personalized nutrition and includes consultation to understand your result.

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À La Carte Nutrition Services

Our A La Carte services help tailor your experience. You can add them to your Exclusive Nutrition Service or purchase on their own.

Initial Nutrition Consultation

$99 | 60 mins

This 60-minute personalized service includes a nutrition assessment of your eating habits and a nutrition plan tailored to you.

Follow-up Nutrition Consultation

$49 | 30 mins
$99 | 60 mins

Let us help you stay on track and discover practical strategies to overcome challenges.

Check-in Appointment

$49 | 2 x 15 mins

Your Dietitian will check in with you during two 15-minute appointments to monitor your progress and answer any questions.

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