Diabetes Clinic Days

Select Shoppers Drug Mart locations will be holding weekly Diabetes Clinic Days. Services will be provided following all COVID-19 measures that may be in place at the time of your appointment, including virtual appointments. During your appointment, the Pharmacist will be prepared to discuss the below topics:

  • Medication Review - ensure you're staying on track with managing your diabetes and medications
  • A1C Test – review A1C test results and plan for your next test in 3 months. Find more information on A1C testing here
  • Blood Glucose Monitor Training – learn about your blood glucose monitor and additional technologies that can help make tracking easier!
  • Virtual Dietitian Consult, if eligible – find out if you're eligible for a complimentary initial dietitian consult
  • Vaccination consultation – to determine if your vaccines are up to date
  • Medication Organization - if you are on multiple medications, compliance packs may make managing them more convenient discuss having your medications organized in a blister pack or other packaging form
  • Prescription Delivery Eligibility - talk to your pharmacy team to see if they offer prescription delivery right to your door
  • PC Health App – Free Health Programs - download the PC Health app for free health programs related to Diabetes, general wellbeing, and more. Find more information about PC Health here

Find your nearest participating pharmacy location to book your appointment for Diabetes Clinic Days.

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