Not getting the most out of your medications? Experience personalized medicine with Pharmacogenomics. Not getting the most out of your medications? Experience personalized medicine with Pharmacogenomics.

There can be variations in how people respond to medications

Pharmacogenomics looks at how your body responds to medications based on your genetic makeup – all through a simple DNA cheek swab.

Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with Pillcheck™ to provide patients with this service. Pillcheck will tell you whether you are a fast, medium, or slow metabolizer of medications which may help your healthcare professionals make decisions regarding your drug therapy.

Will it work for me?

Consider trying Pillcheck if:

  • You are experiencing ineffective treatment.
  • You suffer from adverse side effects.
  • You are worried about potential side effects.
  • You are taking multiple medications.
  • You have recently been prescribed a medication for a chronic condition.
  • You are curious to know more about your body and health.

The test covers over a dozen important treatment areas including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, heart and digestive conditions.

What will you be getting with Pillcheck:

A Personalized Report

  • Understand whether you are on the right dosage, why you may be experiencing adverse side effects, or if you are even on the right medication at all.
  • Share your report with your physician to make changes to your medication plan.

Pharmacist's Opinion Letter

  • Receive a summary of your results with actionable items to take to your physician.
  • 75% of prescriptions1 reviewed through Pillcheck pharmacogenomics testing were changed.

Pharmacist Consultation

  • A Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist will help you interpret the results of the test and walk you through what their recommendations are for your future treatment plan.

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Why Pillcheck?

  • Annual report updates are included with your purchase.
  • Online portal for easy and secure access to your results.
  • Trusted Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacists will help you interpret your results.

Service Cost: $450.00 + applicable taxes (Special pricing for Shoppers Drug Mart Customers) Many insurance plans cover pharmacogenomics testing.

  • Check your plan information for coverage of pharmacogenomic testing services or.
  • Receive reimbursement through Healthcare Spending Accounts.

What’s next?

  1. Ask your Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist if Pillcheck is right for you.
  2. Purchase and register your sample collection kit at a participating Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy.
  3. Complete a cheek swab and mail your sample in the pre-paid envelope.
  4. Receive your personalized, secure report and Pharmacist's Opinion Letter.
  5. A Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist will help you book a Pharmacist consultation to review your results.
  6. Share a copy of your Pillcheck report with your physician.