Renewing your prescription

If you’ve run out of refills for your regular medications, we may be able to help. Your Pharmacist can now assess your medication needs and renew your prescriptions* if appropriate. Now available over the phone.

What should I expect from this service?

  1. An Assessment
    • Your Pharmacist will ask you questions and review your medication profile to determine if your medication is working for you and whether it is appropriate to renew your prescription
  2. A Prescription Renewal
    • Your Pharmacist can renew your prescription to help ensure you don’t miss a dose.
    • Based on the assessment, your Pharmacist will prescribe an appropriate medication quantity.
    • The Pharmacist’s name will appear on your medication label as the Prescriber.

Note: Pharmacists may recommend a visit with your Primary Care Provider for assessment of your condition to obtain subsequent prescription refills.

Call your Pharmacy Team to learn more.

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* If the existing prescription is eligible and deemed appropriate by the Pharmacist. Professional fees may apply.