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Check your hearing health today at the Connect Hearing kiosk at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores. Your health made easier.
Check your hearing health today at the Connect Hearing kiosk at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores. Your health made easier.

Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with Connect Hearing to provide a quick, easy and innovative way to conduct a baseline hearing check in-store for Canadians interested in learning more about their hearing health.

About the Self-Screening Hearing Kiosk:

  • Screening only takes 5-10 minutes
  • Easy on-screen instructions to complete hearing check
  • Self-directed (no referral or appointment is required)
  • Supports ongoing follow-up with a Hearing Care professional for additional required testing at no additional cost
  • If potential hearing loss is detected, you will be contacted for a follow-up with a Hearing Care professional for further evaluation
  • Results are available immediately and can be shared via email
  • Kiosks are regularly cleaned by staff, and wipes are available for before and after use

How it works:

  • Hearing checks are FREE and self-conducted using an iPad and noise cancelling headphones
  • Hearing checks take approximately 5 minutes
  • A baseline hearing check is conducted to identify if there is any hearing loss
  • All contact information and results collected are secured, encrypted and follow Canadian data privacy standards
  • A Connect Hearing representative will provide a follow-up with results at a later date, answer any questions and book a full hearing evaluation if desired
  • “Hearing Assessment” refers to the process of evaluating a person’s hearing, which is comprehensive and includes the degree, configuration and type of hearing loss with the best treatment options. Also referred to as “Hearing Evaluation” or “Hearing Test.”
  • “Hearing Screening” refers to an objective, physiological test procedure conducted to determine the likelihood of hearing loss. It provides a quick and cost-effective way to separate people into pass or fail groups. Also referred to as “Hearing Check.”

About Connect Hearing:

  • Connect Hearing offers the latest, most discreet hearing technology on the market from top manufacturers
  • Over 140 clinics in Canada
  • Over four decades of hearing healthcare experience and expertise
  • Canada’s #1 physician referred hearing healthcare provider
  • Since 1978 Connect Hearing has helped over 350,000 people stay connected to the sounds they love
  • Enhanced safety protocols in clinics to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience
Connect hearing. Your hearing your hearing professionals.
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