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Travel meets ultimate convenience: Hop on and off and save big with monthly, unlimited PRESTO Transit Passes!

Wherever you go, there’s PRESTO! Throughout the GTHA, you can use your PRESTO card to easily access transit—and take advantage of some great extra conveniences.

PRESTO & Other Transit Agencies: Get your passport to unlimited travel!
Want to save more? Buy a Monthly Pass for the TTC or other local transit agency. Monthly passes are available for sale from the last 12 days of the month until eight days after the start of the next month.

PRESTO users can travel as many times in any direction with two-hour TTC transfers!
Hop on and off the TTC and switch directions as many times as you want in a two-hour period—with PRESTO!

When you start your trip and tap your PRESTO card, a two-hour transfer is automatically applied to your card. Each time you hop on and off or switch directions, just tap your PRESTO card again. As long as you’re within two hours from your first tap, you won’t be charged another fare. Now that’s a smart card!

Plan your trip and calculate your discount!
You can even use Triplinx to help you plan your route and find out how much your fare will be to make travel even easier.

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Get your PRESTO card at one of our convenient locations.