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A PRESTO Ticket is a one-time use ticket that can be used to pay your fare on the TTC. They’re great if you’re just visiting the city, making an unexpected school run, have guests in for a special event… or if you’ve forgotten your PRESTO card at home. (It happens…)

Don’t worry about figuring out fares or hunting for change—just tap and get going!  

How do I use a PRESTO Ticket?
A PRESTO Ticket works the same way as a PRESTO card but, unlike a regular PRESTO card, PRESTO Tickets can only be used once and can’t be reloaded.

Just tap your PRESTO Ticket when you enter a subway station, board a bus or streetcar, or transfer—just like you would with a regular PRESTO card—and then hang onto it as proof of payment.

A one-ride PRESTO Ticket costs $3.25, a two-ride PRESTO Ticket costs $6.50—which is great for return trips, as they allow one person to travel twice, even if the journey is on different days—and a day pass PRESTO Ticket costs $13.00. You also get to take advantage of the two-hour transfer when you use a one-or two-ride PRESTO Ticket. (Please note that each traveller over the age of 12 should have their own PRESTO ticket as proof of payment.)

Want to make sure you’re always paying the lowest possible fare? Then you should get a permanent PRESTO card. Only a PRESTO card unlocks the lowest prices and special perks.

Where do I get a PRESTO Ticket?
Right now, you can pick yours up from the Fare Vending Machines at any subway station from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to Lawrence West. You can also pick up a PRESTO Ticket at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations. Later this summer, they will also be available at all Fare Vending Machines, select Shoppers Drug Mart locations and from the TTC Customer Service Centre above Davisville Station.

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