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  • What is Motherisk?

    Motherisk is a research, counselling and teaching program at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Their mandate is to provide evidence-based information to pregnant or lactating mothers and their health care providers regarding the risks associated with drug, chemical, infection, disease and radiation exposure(s) during pregnancy and nursing.

  • When you have questions, you want answers you can trust.

    Whether you're pregnant with your first or nursing your third baby, you're going to have questions. To ensure that the information you find on v.i.b website is relevant and reliable, articles written by our contributors are reviewed by the doctors at Motherisk.

  • Peace of mind when it really matters.

    The Motherisk helpline is a program at The Hospital for Sick Children that provides new mothers and caregivers nationwide with bilingual access to specially trained telephone counsellors who can offer expert guidance on the safety of medications and exposures while pregnant or breastfeeding.